Mont Saint Michel is a monastery built on a rock island around 1 kilometer off the nothern coast of France. The island is itself just less than 1 kilometer in diameter. Nowadays there is a causeway which connects the island to the mainland. There are plans to replace this with a bridge and a bus service. This development is mainly welcomed by the local community. The Mont is the second most popular tourist attraction in France.

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Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel
larger photo

Mont St Michel photographed at night. Very many people arrive at nightfall
to see the superb view and to take photographs.

Mont Saint Michel at night
larger photo

A view of the many spires of the abbey.

Mont Saint Michel Tower

A view out to see from one of Mont St Michel's many walkways.

View to the east

A view of the tiny narrow main street where all the visitors have to ascend in order to see the abbey.


The tower with the gold
plated statue of Saint Michel.

The tower

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